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Buho Soda

Buho Soda is the result of a trip throughout Mexico in search of the country’s richest ingredients to produce the most refreshing natural beverages. After more than one year of intensive research and development, we can offer innovative and modern products made in Mexico by combining our favorite flavors with pure ingredients.

At Buho Soda we are convinced that our entire project must follow the very same philosophy of our products. For that reason, we committed ourselves to our society and the environment we are all living in. In order to achieve a sustainable product, we only use ingredients of the highest quality standards, reusable or recyclable packaging materials and production and distribution networks close to our main customers. All this dedication to allow our customers to enjoy their favorite Buho with every sip they take.

All of our beverages are totally natural and authentic thanks to the ingredients we use: juices extracted from Mexican fruits, all natural flavors, and colors, and organic blue agave syrup and stevia as sweeteners. As we do not add any additional sugar apart from that, our sodas contain as few as 33 calories per serving. Enriched with a balanced level of carbon dioxide to make the refreshment complete.

Les Cocottes

Pierre Chavin have charmed us with their « Frenchy » brand Les Cocottes characterized by its unexpected and pure design. Today, you will discover Les Cocottes 0% alcohol free.


Les Cocottes 0% White, 100% Chardonnay, has a golden yellow color with bright reflects. In the nose, it offers tropical fruits, peaches, lychees and white flowers aromas. It reveals a fruity and well-balanced palate with a fresh finish.

Les Cocottes 0% Red, 100% Merlot, has an intense red color with bright reflects. The nose and the palate of red fruits aromas are enhanced by a nice and fresh balance.

Les Cocottes 0% White Sparkling, 100% Chardonnay, has a pale yellow color with bright reflects. These fine and delicate bubbles reveal a nose with floral and tropical fruits aromas. In the mouth, we discover a fruity and well-balanced freshness.

Among the world alcohol free wines leaders, Pierre Chavin continues to offer increasing quality products with organoleptic achieved profiles thanks to a dealcoholisation method which preserves aromas and ensures the lowest alcohol content wine of the market. Les Cocottes continue to reinvent themselves in providing the best alcohol free wine with a modern and unique design.

Pierre Zéro

The story began in the Languedoc-Roussillon region. Domaines Pierre Chavin is the result of a symbiosis between Fabien Gross, a talented oenologist with a passion for the art of blending, and Mathilde Boulachin, a wine marketing specialist from a family of winemakers in the Champagne region. Together they have made dreams become a reality.

The domaine has grown from nothing and now encompasses an extensive range of wines that aim to revolutionize the wine tasting experience with unique, cosmopolitan and trendy collections that prioritize the notion of terroir.

Whilst all wines are Made in France, the young company strives to reach a global consumer base. With an in-depth knowledge of the international markets and consumer expectations, the two creators immediately positioned themselves on the export market and have now earned a reputation in around twenty countries including Sweden, China and the United States.